Lithothamnium calcareum

Lithothamnium calcareum

Lithothamnion calcareum is a multi-mineral red seaweed that comes from the ocean, particularly from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic off Iceland. It is here that the warm waters of the Gulf mix with the cold waters of the Arctic, creating an ideal environment for the deposition of this marine calcium.


Over the last decade, this seaweed has gained more reputation as an ingredient in many sectors: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, mainly due to the quality of the marine calcium in its composition. In fact, there is a notable difference between the calcium in Lithothamnion and calcium derived from limestone (calcium carbonate). The distinction stems from the bioactive nature of the calcium present in Lithothamnion, which is characterised by its rigid honeycomb cellular structure, as well as by the 72 trace elements absorbed from the sea.


Lithothamnion offers a host of health benefits, from bone and joint to hydration and gastrointestinal health. The use of this marine calcium in patients with knee pain, for example, has been correlated with a reduction in the use of painkillers. In addition, calcium and magnesium help prevent muscle pain and cramps, and together with the 72 trace elements, are an ideal combination for the bioavailable structure that allows our bodies to utilise these components as quickly as possible. The high mineral content of this marine calcium makes it highly effective for people with gastrointestinal distress and it has been shown to play a role in maintaining an overall healthier gut.


To better meet the needs of our customers, Aterimar has entered into a partnership with an Icelandic company, Biogenic Minerals, which harvests Lithothamnium Calcareum from the North Atlantic seabed and produces it in powder form that can be used in food supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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