ATERIMAR is a family company founded in 2010. Our main activity is the commercialisation of fish oils and fishmeal. These products offer a unique gateway to an incredible range of different sectors.

With our experience and recognition in the market, we at ATERIMAR have diversified to offer a wide range of products of animal, vegetable and mineral origin to our partners. From an initial interest, an expertise was born that eventually became a passion.

For more than 10 years, ATERIMAR has been your global supply partner for your different projects in aquaculture, animal feed, pet food, human food, food supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Adaptability and transparency are the cornerstones of our business. Our commercial approach focused on personal relationships allows us to understand your needs and find the right product. In doing so, we rely on our extensive market knowledge and our strong international network of contacts in more than 40 countries.

From land to sea (ATERIMAR), we navigate between these two environments. From commercial support for major import-export operations to assistance for diversification projects, ATERIMAR is your ideal B2B partner. Listening, transparency and responsiveness are our core values, which we apply in our daily engagement with our employees and partners.

Through certification and the implementation of sustainable supply chains, we aim to improve our environmental impact. We are committed to sustainable development and social responsibility, and to respecting business ethics and regulations in all our operations. Today, our business has diversified to serve you better. Thanks to partnerships with leading companies and a close relationship with a network of experts, the ATERIMAR team is a specialist in vegetable and marine products.

Thank you for your visit and enjoy your journey through our world.

Our values


We work sustainably for a cleaner and healthier planet for all.


We want our work to be flawless. We work to continuously improve monitoring and self-assessment.


Our clients rely 100% on our professionalism.


We are always honest with our customers and suppliers. They know where they come from and where their products are going.

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