Quality / certifications

ATERIMAR guarantees the traceability of all its products from sale to delivery. We are registered with the various authorities and comply with all current regulations. We ensure that what we offer our partners is safe, wholesome and does not present any danger to health or the environment.

ATERIMAR operates in an international environment. Consumer habits are different from one continent to another. Nor are regulations and standards the same from one territory to another. However, we are all moving towards an increasingly standardised and controlled global market.

The quality and traceability of products has become a major concern for consumers. In an environment affected by the pollution of natural areas, control of the supply chain is vital. Regulations are becoming increasingly strict and detailed. Companies must keep abreast of these developments and be able to ensure exhaustive control of the various pollutants contained in the products they distribute.

We guarantee the traceability of the batches we deliver. In addition, depending on their market or origin, we offer our customers and partners certificates of analysis from independent laboratories that guarantee the integrity of the product.

ATERIMAR, your global partner, operates in many countries with different socio-cultural and economic environments. We can adapt our quality controls and processes to national and/or international regulations in order to develop potential business relationships.

ATERIMAR is a company registered and authorised in the animal feed register. Registration: ESP08601863
ATERIMAR is a company registered and authorised for the registration of food for humans. Reg: 40.043144/B


The increasing scarcity of resources and pressure on raw materials requires market players to guarantee transparency and sustainability of business to their partners.

To ensure the integrity and minimise the environmental impact of our business, we are certified by: