Vegetable products

Vegetable products

With more than 10 years of experience supplying raw materials to its customers, ATERIMAR has developed a new range of plant products. Plants based ingredients offer many benefits and contribute to  balance diets.

The use of natural plant material avoids the addition of artificial colourings, antioxidants and other preservatives, offering healthy and environmentally friendly products.

We support you in all your projects by offering you a complete range of ingredients for the production of feed (kibbles, snacks, wet food and food supplements), food, fish farming and cosmetics.

Our experience and knowledge of the market are at the service of our customers to offer the most suitable product for each of their ranges. Our expertise in sourcing raw materials on a global scale and our experience in managing international flows allow us to offer products specifically selected for your project at the best price. ATERIMAR is your single point of entry for sourcing raw materials from all over the world, facilitating your management and optimizing your costs. 

As part of this commitment to the circular economy, ATERIMAR has developed a new project in Italy to recycle by-products from the tomato sauce industry and offer a quality tomato pomace for animal feed.