Fish oils

Fish oils

We offer fish oils for aquaculture, feed, pet food and food.

Crude fish oil is obtained by separating the liquid part of the fish during the production of fishmeal, making it a co-product of fishmeal production.

Due to our strong commitment to a sustainable and environment friendly business, we focus our efforts on sourcing certified fish oils. As a trusted industrial partner, our products are sourced from legal and sustainable fisheries. Our fis oils can be supplied with registrations, labels and certifications that guarantee this commitment: MARIN TRUST, MSC, Friend of the Sea, GMP+.

Naturally, fish contains Omega 3 in its fat in varying amounts depending on the species. These unsaturated fatty acids are known to be beneficial to health, the best known being eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Fish do not synthesize unsaturated fatty acids themselves, but ingest microalgae and bacteria that contain and assimilate them. The microalgae are consumed by phytoplankton and shrimp, which in turn feed the fish. The benefits of these active ingredients are recognized for their anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular protective effects, as well as their benefits in cognitive development.

Omega 3 (EPA – DHA) have become increasingly important in various industries that now consume fish oils. However, the discovery of the importance of Omega 3 is very recent. In the past, fish oils were mainly used as a fuel, lubricant or for technical purposes. Even today, some fish oil is processed to be used in leather tanning.

The vast majority of the volumes are now used for aquaculture and animal feed. The oils with the best nutritional qualities are destined for human food in natural or concentrated form.

Fish oils:


Cod Liver Oil
Anchovy Oil
Salmon Oil
Tuna Oil
Sardine Oil
Tilapia Oil

Non-exhaustive list. Please contact us for a tailor-made offer.

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