ATERIMAR, with its long experience in marine products, is also an expert in brown and red algae.

This natural product of the sea has been used by mankind for generations in agriculture, but also in human nutrition. A wide range of products from different types of seaweed can have a variety of final use from food supplements to fertilizers.

As a rich source of prebiotics and nutrients, seaweeds provide humans, animals and soils with the basic elements they need during their different life cycles. The main nutritional value of algae comes from their constituent elements: minerals, trace elements, fibres, vitamins…

Seaweed is used in various sectors of activity:
– Alginate
– Feed
– Food
– Fertilizers

Algae are also a source of Omega-3. Surprisingly, fish are practically incapable of producing EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are produced by marine microalgae, which are consumed by phytoplankton and shrimp, which feed the fish.

Algae oil is derived from microalgae and is a product naturally rich in OMEGA 3 DHA. This plant-based resource is a sustainable and environment friendly alternative to fish oil.

In addition to its vegetable and oleic form, algae also exist in the form of calcium. Lithothamnion sp. is a form of seaweed that is widespread on the Icelandic seabed. Our Lithothamnium calcareum is a high quality calcium powder that can be used in food supplements and agriculture.

Thanks to our flexibility, we can offer our range in different forms, liquid for concentrates or in the form of flakes, powder or micronized for dehydrated products.

We can also adapt our packaging to your needs: bags, big-bag, bulk for dehydrated products or: drums, IBC, flexitank for liquid products.

Our logistics expertise gives our partners the flexibility to offer seaweed, depending on its type and origin, with the incoterm that best suits their needs: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF or DDP.



Ascophyllum nodosum

Seaweed concentrate and extract

Laminaria digitata

Macrocystis pyrifera

Espirulina (Arthrospira)

Seaweed oils
This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us for a tailor-made offer.

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