We can offer a variety of logistics solutions: procurement, freight, transportation, warehousing and financing. Tailored together or individually to the needs of our customers and suppliers. From partial shipments to large bulk operations, at ATERIMAR we know how to get products to their destination in the most efficient way.

Supply chain management can be summed up in a nutshell: delivering a product in good condition and at the right time. But it also means going through a multitude of checks and balances at all times to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Import and export operations of animal and plant products can be complex and highly regulated.
At ATERIMAR we work with trusted partners to ensure safe and secure operations thanks to our extensive international network and our team with over 20 years of supply chain experience. We offer air, ocean, land and intermodal services. We are constantly working to optimize the supply chain.

Management at source

  • Negotiation of prices and purchases with reliable partners.
    Sampling for quality control.
  • Quality control and veterinary examination in collaboration with trusted partners.
  • Loading containers on ships and ensuring traceability of each lot.
  • On-site follow up of each logistic step by our representatives if necessary.

Transportation management

  • Ensure traceability.
  • Organize transport with reliable logistics operators.
  • Management of import/export documentation.

Unloading, storage and delivery

  • Sampling by local veterinary authorities.
  • Rapid response in case of discrepancies.
  • Chemical analysis of parameters and contaminants by accredited laboratories.
  • Delivery according to customer requirements: bulk, big bags, bags, flexitank.