Soluble hydrolysates

Soluble hydrolysates

We offer you functional fish protein hydrolysates from coproducts

All raw materials are collected and sorted in verified and approved processing plants to ensure freshness and nutritional value.

Hydrolysates are obtained using enzymes. Natural enzymatic hydrolysis enhances the assimilation of peptides to provide maximum nutritional value.

Fish solubles are co-products of fishmeal production.

During production, the solid and liquid fractions are separated. After this step, a mixture of oil and water loaded with water-soluble nutrients is obtained. The oil is recovered by centrifugation, and the resulting aqueous co-product is called Fish Soluble. It is then condensed by evaporation and sold as a viscous paste or powder.
These products are rich in protein, vitamins and amino acids.
They are used as palatability enhancers for growing animals in aquaculture.
They are also used in the manufacture of organic fertilisers.

Our logistics expertise gives our partners the flexibility to offer these products, depending on their type and origin, with the incoterm that best suits their needs: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF or DDP.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of the aquaculture, feed and fertiliser industries, both as a protein supplement and as a palatability factor.

Our proximity to the industry allows us to select partners who apply sustainable practices.

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